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Who is ABC Currency Solutions?

ABC Currency Solutions is a Franklin, TN based company, our name is new but our many years of experience are what set's us apart. We initially started out in the sales and service of equipment for the financial market but have quickly diversified into the retail market. By addressing the sales and service arms for both of these markets, the opportunities to think out of the box have been provided. On our website under services, you will see that we not only sell and service equipment for financial and retail institutions, but a lot more. We have partnered with other professional companies to provide Retail ATM Placement Programs, Green Recycling Programs for all business clientele, Self Service Kiosks Systems and a Retail Sales and Marketing Service that is quiet special, especially if you are interested in products to be sold to the retail market.
Our name incorporates the word "Solution", and that is why you need to choose ABC Currency Solutions to be your partner. We want what is best for you and we promise to do our best in finding the right "Solution" for you.

  • Intelligent ATMs
  • Currency Counters/Scanners
  • Coin Counters/
  • Self Service Kiosk
  • Teller Cash Recyclers
  • Teller Cash Dispensers
  • Retail Reconciliation
  • Back Room/Cash Office Equipment
  • Service and Maintenance

ABC Currency Solutions, LLC, Automated Teller Machines, Franklin, TN


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